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Deborah Singletary in her studio
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Deborah Singletary in her studio

Photo by Ken Wright

1. Deborah Singletary
Marian Anderson, 2004
Mixed media
8" x 10" variable

Marion Anderson spirit guide

The Minister is an Artist

When the idea to make my life and living as an artist first came to me, I despaired. I believed I was too old, couldn't draw, and didn't have time, money, nor space in my apartment. But the passion and the desire to make art could not be stifled. So I followed my heart, picked up a paintbrush, and started to make art just as I did in the third grade and loved it!

My art process deepened and to my joy grew into a meaningful career. After several years of living my life as an artist, I was led to facilitate the art process for adults who wanted to make art, but were afraid they couldn't—just as I had believed before starting to paint. Observing my own and others' process, I became increasingly aware that there are profound similarities between making art and creating and designing a meaningful life.

At first, I thought my call to the ministry was separate from being an artist. Gradually, I discerned that my work as a minister encompasses my passion for art. Both art and the ministry can pierce the veil that separates us from our true selves. Both art and the ministry have the power of dissolution and creation. This excites me.

The legacy of Harriet Tubman informs and inspires my concept of what it means to help others actualize their dreams and visions. Few people in the United States undergo the kind of danger and risks Tubman endured. However, learning to live authentically does take courage and insight if one is to overcome numbing societal and personal obstacles.

To read more about Deborah Singletary's philosophy of art read her journals [ARTFUL LIVING].

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Deborah Singletary with Word Wand

Photo by Ken Wright

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