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Above: Deborah Singletary with workshop participant

Spirit Guides and Red Shoes workshop art

Above: "Spirit Guides”
workshop participant

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Vision Carriers employs the symbolic arts as tools for enlightenment, relaxation, healing, and fun. Making art not only transforms the materials at hand, it affects the body’s chemistry, which then affects the physical body, and the whole life. Art is medicine for the mind, body, and emotions.

Organizations, groups, and individuals may hire Vision Carriers to tailor a workshop as a special event, party, rite of passage, or fundraiser. Or treat yourself to a private session. For inquiries, use our [CONTACT PAGE] or us.

Vision Carriers facilitators are located on the east coast in New York City and on the west coast in Los Angeles, California. We have wings and will travel.

Read more about Vision Carriers’ passion for art and play in Artful Living: Deborah Singletary's Journals:


[CLICK TO VIEW] Deborah Singletary's current workshop schedule.

The Red Shoes: Standing in Your Own Power

"The Red Shoes" workshop creation

"The Red Shoes" workshop creation

The Red Shoes remind us that we have a responsibility to be true to ourselves, true to our dreams, and act like it. We create red shoes to help motivate us to take positive steps toward living a self-designed life.

This workshop, inspired by a story told by Dr. Pinklola Estes in Workshop concludes with a red shoes ceremony.

To confirm a self-designed life, you will create pair of red shoes adorned and embellished with red ornaments, glitter, paint and jewels. (Embellishments are provided.) [FOUR HOUR WORKSHOP]

"The Red Shoes" workshop creation

"The Red Shoes"
workshop creation


Open to Receive: The Sacred Vessel

"The Sacred Vessel" workshop creation

"The Sacred Vessel" workshop creation

To ground your knowledge of yourself as a vehicle through which to manifest and create your heart’s desires, you will make a sacred vessel. The vessel represents your openness to receive the bounties of the universe and to let the world partake of our inner riches.

An array of delicious sparkly and imaginative art supplies and craft materials is provided. You may also bring objects that have emotional or spiritual significance to you, i.e. shells, small rocks, broken jewelry, photos, fabric.

You will take away an evocative work of art and a deeper perspective about your life calling.

Scholarships available.

"The Sacred Vessel" workshop creation

"The Sacred Vessel"
workshop creation


The Word Wand: Do Something About Negative Thinking

"The Word Wand" workshop creation

"The Word Wand"
workshop creation

"I, a Woman" workshop creation

"A Whole Woman" workshop creation

The Word Wand workshop encourages us to develop practices that transform negative thinking into healthy thoughts that help us live the life we love. You go home with your word wand and a handout with suggestions for using it. The workshop concludes with a ceremony incorporating your wand. [FOUR HOUR WORKSHOP]



From Enrage to Outrage to Courage: The Rage Child

"From Enrage to Outrage to Courage" workshop creation Many of us first learned to suppress our anger when we were children. When we suppress our anger, we suppress our power. Learn to transform the energy of anger into productive and constructive modes of expression. This workshop incorporates the Rage Child and the Joy Child — artistic creations that help connect us to our authentic, healthy selves. [FOUR HOUR WORKSHOP]

Left: "From Enrage to Outrage to Courage" workshop creation


Ain't I a Woman: For Women Who Have Never Had a Baby

In this workshop, we bear witness to the heart, mind and spirit of women who by choice, accident, or circumstance have not become mothers. This workshop is also designed for women who are nearing or beyond the middle point of their childbearing years and feel anxious about their chances of giving birth. If you are a woman who has never had a baby, participate in dialogue, ritual, and the creation of a purse as a symbol of the womb and our power to create. [THREE HOUR WORKSHOP]


"Altared" Spaces

"Altared Spaces" workshop creationAltars invoke the sacred and are reservoirs of power. We further our visions by creating altars that remind and inspire us to live our truths. In this workshop, you will create an altar for your home or office. You will also learn about how various cultures view and use altars. [FOUR HOUR WORKSHOP]

Left: "'Altared' Spaces" workshop creation


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